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Greetings from CEO of Aim High Chiropractic

Dr. Conrad Bui D.C. Greetings from CEO Aim High Chiropractic Accident and Injury Centers

Greetings My Friend,

My name is Dr. Conrad Bui, D.C., President and CEO of Aim High Chirorpactic and Accident & Injury Centers, the #1 resource for all your Motor Vehicle Accident Injury needs!

Based on over fifteen years of knowledge and experience in the Auto Collision Injury field and treating hundreds of people who’ve been involved in auto accidents, I’ve decided to share vital information you need to know if you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident. It’s important to act immediately after an auto collision to take care of any bodily injuries you may have endured, vehicle damages you incurred, and insurance claims in order to get the compensation you deserve from your case.

Most auto accident victims think their injuries were minor, perhaps even non-existent. Only later in time do they discover they've suffered major, lifelong damage and trauma. Often times, victims in motor vehicle accidents suffer from hidden, soft-tissue injuries, invisible to the naked eye. Soft-tissue injuries can only be detected by doctors specializing in auto accident injuries and have the experience and knowledge to effectively diagnose, treat, and relieve. Many people involved in auto accidents are hit from behind, causing much strain on the neck and spine.  Others who have a head-on or side-swipe collisions experience even more devastating trauma, often without even realizing it! 

Your car accident or injuries might turn into chronic injuries and lifelong pain if left untreated, but all this unnecessary pain and suffering can be avoided if you get early treatment, immediately after you’ve been in an auto collision. The longer you wait, the more damage your body incurs from the trauma. Visit one of our highly-qualified specialist doctors at Aim High Chiropractic, and we can treat your pain today!

If you’ve recently been involved in an auto accident, you may qualify for FREE exams and treatments! Our Health Care Advisor at Aim High Chiropractic will help assess your rights, go over the complicated world of Health Care with you, and help you choose from the available programs that are right for you! Call (303) 922-2977 today and schedule a consultation with our Affordable Health Care Advisor now!

  Injuries Not Taken Care of Are Like Cavities Left Unattended:
The Longer You Ignore It, the More Painful It Becomes!

My clinic can successfully treat you and relieve your pain! Even if you feel “fine” and are not currently experiencing any symptoms of aches and pains, you should come in for a FREE Initial EXAM & CONSULTATION and confirm that everything really is healthy and functioning properly in your body! Call (303) 922-2799 to schedule your appointment with one of our friendly chiropractors today!

Did you know many doctors do NOT specialize in spotting and treating auto accident injuries? You wouldn’t take your car to a plumber to get it fixed, or go to 000-015 a brain surgeon for legal advice, would you? You should only deal with a doctor and clinic that specializes in whiplash and auto accident injuries.  Consulting with experienced experts in this particular field will ensure that you are well taken care of and are diagnosed and treated effectively. There are many specific “hidden signs” that a non-specialist can easily overlook and may not be able to diagnose you correctly, leaving you in more pain in the long-run. When scheduling an evaluation exam after a motor vehicle accident, it’s important to consult an auto accident injury specialist. Call one of our car accident injury specialists today and receive your first exam and consultation FREE at Aim High Chiropractic! Contact (303) 922-2977 now!

Even if you’ve already been examined by a trained professional, many of our patients come to us for a second opinion.  Take advantage of your FREE first consultation visit and schedule an appointment with us today! Call Aim High Chiropractic now at (303) 922-2977 and we’ll see you today!

I’ve come in contact with hundreds of patients over the years in the health care field and they’ve all expressed concerns, questions, and fears which may be very similar to yours. Rest assured that you are well taken care of – from the moment you initially contact us to ask questions or schedule an 70-463 appointment to the last moment you leave our office from an exam – we are dedicated to make our patients feel at-home and comfortable. We guarantee complete satisfaction – or your exam and consultation is FREE! We even offer you a FREE first-trial exam and consultation as our way of showing you how exceptional our service and care is. We genuinely care about your overall health and we strive to help you reach optimal health so you can enjoy life to the fullest.  We’ve been very successful treating patients involved in every imaginable accident – from major collisions, to minor fender benders, as our patients have testified to successful treatment and care from Aim High Chiropractic. Contact (303) 922-2977 and receive your first FREE exam and consultation today!

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Even if your injuries seem minor or you feel like nothing’s wrong, make sure you read the report anyway. Call Aim High Chiropractic at (303) 922-2977 to get a check-up exam to ensure no serious injuries have occurred since your accident!

It is the people with so-called “minor” injuries that scare me the most.  They don’t see their problem as urgent. Rarely do people do what’s most important; Instead their lives are a rush of doing what’s most urgent. If you don’t see the need to come in and get a thorough examination from our clinic, you’re doing what’s most urgent to you, not what’s most important!

Isn’t it about time you called us and made an appointment?  Best of all, I’m going to make it ridiculously easy to come in and get acquainted with our office and professional team of doctors and staff.

Below is a FREE Consultation and Evaluation box that enables you and your family to come in, totally free and with no-obligation. You have no reason not to call today, and it’s silly to pass up my offer. Call us today at (303) 922-2977  to schedule your appointment.

If contacting us now sounds like something that’s very important to do, I’ve made it incredibly easy for you to take that next step and make it happen.  Just fill out the box below with your name, phone number or email address, and a professional member from our office will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to set up your appointment. We will find a time that is convenient for you, and you will get to see just how friendly and accommodating we are. 

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You can also pick up the phone right now and call us at (303) 922-2977! We can easily schedule your appointment today!

Here are two other easy ways to contact us:

  1. Email us anytime, 24/7 with a question and a professionally-qualified doctor will be happy to respond.  That’s correct: a real, professionally-qualified doctor will get back to you, and not a receptionist, secretary, or marketing professional. A real doctor will respond to your question.  Please understand that no diagnosis or treatment can take place over an e-mail. Contacting us by e-mail, however, is a great first step in seeking advice on your road to treatment and recovery.
  2. Email Your Questions

  3. OVER-THE-PHONE EVALUATION: Contact one of our professionally-qualified doctors directly at (303) 922-2977 for a quick, no-obligation “Over-The-Phone Evaluation.” You’ll get to ask the doctor questions about your accident and/or injuries, and we’ll give you our expert opinion (No professionally-qualified doctor can give an accurate, legal diagnosis on your condition without examining you in person beforehand).  Take advantage of your FREE initial consultation and exam, courtesy of Aim High Chiropractic. This is our way of introducing you and welcoming you to our practice.


Choose Aim High Chiropractic for all your health care and chiropractic needs! We’ve been very successful in treating and relieving patients over the last decade. Let us be the specialists you consult and develop a meaningful relationship with. We can be your lifetime doctor and family friend by providing you with extraordinary service and value. Contact us today and can see first-hand how well we take care of you, your family, and your overall health!

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Sincerely yours,
Dr Conrad Bui, DC

P.S. - It’s important for you to know that even “minor” accidents often lead to major injuries.  Have you had an examination by a trained specialist? If not, it costs you nothing for your FREE initial consultation at Aim High Chiropractic!  If you’ve experienced any accident or injuries in the last six to twelve months, please call our office today at (303) 922-2977 and schedule an appointment now! Our brief conversation might just change your life and benefit your overall health in the long-run!