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Meet the Doctors

Whether you're suffering from back pain, neck pain, muscle stiffness, headaches, or any other bodily aches and pains, Aim High Chiropractor ensures that you are getting the care and attention you deserve by providing you with qualified, skillful chiropractors who genuinely care about your health and well-being. We take our profession seriously, and we strive to ensure satisfaction and recovery for all our patients!

Meet Dr. Conrad Bui, D.C.
Director & Co-Founder of Aim High Chiropractic


Dr. Conrad BuiSince I opened and started Aim High Chiropractic in 1995, we have helped thousands just like you feel better and improve their quality of life. I like the feeling I get when I help someone regain their health. To me that is the best part of being a doctor. I graduated with my doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1994 from Palmer West College of Chiropractic.

I saw the tremendous benefits of Chiropractic when my mom was involved in a car accident back in the 1980's. She soon developed headaches and dizziness. It eventually became so severe that she had to quit her job. She went to so many doctors to seek relief. The only thing that helped her was Chiropractic care. I was in my pre-med program and quickly switched over to become a chiropractor after seeing her great results. It was the best decision I ever made!

I specialize in treating patients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents . I am featured in the chiropractic directory of Your Legal Guide , a consumer resource providing comprehensive information about legal topics such as how to choose a car accident lawyer or personal injury attorney .

The doctors here are great doctors, and they take pride in their work. Come in and let us see if we can help you too!

Meet Dr. Will Roesler, D.C.

Dr. Will RoeslerI’m Dr. Will Roesler and I was born in Phoenix, AZ where I graduated from Mountain Pointe High School in 1995. It was in high school that I was first exposed to chiropractic. A muscle spasm during a sports injury immobilized me for months, with no solution from the medical physicians who examined me. My uncle, a chiropractor in Wisconsin, offered to take a look and found that I had scoliosis. Within a few adjustments, the spasm finally let up and I was able to move again. This experience sold me on the benefits of chiropractic, not just as a last resort, but as a wellness solution.

After high school I completed my undergraduate work at Beloit College in Wisconsin and earned my Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2001. I went on to serve in the National Health Service Corp where I worked in under served communities in Pennsylvania for 6 years. After this term, I took a unique opportunity to work in Anchorage, Alaska. I got to live and work with people of many different cultures and spent 3 years there, gaining extensive experience in bulging and herniated disk therapy.

My family and I returned to the lower 48 last year, choosing Denver, CO as our home. I hope to serve the communities here with the knowledge I have gained through my work over the past 10 years. I look forward to meeting you and your family!


Meet Dr Drew Peterson, DC, MCTCM, Dipl Ac NCCAOM, BA, CH, CLT

Dr. Drew Peterson D.C. Meet the Doctors Aim High Chiropractic Accident & Injury Centers Hi there! I'm originally from Stony Brook, New York. I graduated as a cadet captain from Staunton Military Academy in Virginia. I graduated Franklin Pierce University, NH in 1973 with a bachelor’s degree in marine biology and archeology with 2 National Science Foundation Grants awarded. I attended the University of Vermont, studied agriculture, and moved to Colorado Springs in 1973 as a NASA research associate.
I graduated Western States Chiropractic University, OR in 2001 with a doctorate in chiropractic. I moved to Santa Cruz, CA for 6 years to practice chiropractic in 1980. I began performing acupuncture in 1992.
For the next 11 years I instructed physiology and medical terminology  for the Indian River University Nursing School . I also  instructed anatomy and graduated from the Han Tang School of Acupuncture. I integrate acupuncture and herbal medicine practice into my chiropractic practice and became the associate editor and staff writer for the California Journal of Oriental Medicine’s.
I treated Olympians Mike” Gebe”hardt, two time windsurfing medalist and other team members, seven times US champion cross country bicyclist Lawrence Malone, Mets second baseman Jose Rejas and actors like Kelly McGillis, and Charles Durning.
In my free time I was also a collegiate tennis player, soccer player, a professional snow skier, martial artist and scuba diver.
Professionally, I learned Gonstead chiropractic Technique from Dr. Gonstead and Sacral Occipital Technique from Dr. Major DeJearnett.
I know how an injury can keep you away from the things you love.
Let my thirty years of experience help you get through the pain of your automobile injury and help you become strong again.

Meet Dr. Alvin Padua, D.C.

Dr. Alvin Padua D.C. Meet the Doctors Aim High Chiropractic Accident & Injury CentersI was born and raised in Southern California and attended the University of California, San Diego to earn my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Bioengineering.  With this degree, I was working in the Biotechnology industry, but was feeling unfulfilled. I always had an interest in the health care field and an inclination for helping people and thus sought a career change. During this transition period, I was introduced to Chiropractics by a friend and witnessed, first-hand, its amazing results. Its philosophy and its natural method of treatment fascinated me. Thus, I went on to pursue a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Southern California University of Health Sciences and graduated Magna Cum Laude. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I offer a natural method of health care that focuses on treating the cause of physical problems, rather than just the symptoms by examining the relationship between body structure and function. Chiropractic care helps to optimize the human body's inherent healing abilities by using effective treatment methods directed at the neuromusculoskeletal system. It is my priority to deliver the best care possible, so please allow me to help you discover true health and wellness through Chiropractic. Give my office in Aurora a call and see how friendly we are.

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