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Nine Deadliest Mistakes
In Motor Vehicle Accidents

As president of Aim High Accident and Injury Centers, I see hundreds of people experience accidents and minor injuries that eventually lead to pain and health problems that deeply affect their joy and happiness. Many studies have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that after most so-called "minor accidents" occur, many people suffer from severe injuries, yet these problems don't reveal themselves until weeks, months, or even years later! Furthermore, victims often try to mask the pain of their injuries with painkillers, which doesn't solve the root cause of the problem in the long run.

It's critical to schedule an evaluation within 30 days of any type of accident -- vehicle, job-related, etc. -- before hidden injuries become severe over time. Call (303) 299 - 2977 and receive your free initial exam and consultation today. Simple accidents can turn into lifelong pain! Avoid the nine deadliest mistakes after being involved in a motor vehicle accident!


Dr. Conrad Bui, D.C.
President and Co-founder of Aim High Chiropractic.

Deadly Mistake #1: Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Treatment After an Accident!

Did you know?

   Every year, one out of every ten person will be involved in an auto accident.
   Over 20% of all accidents lead to serious, long-term injuries.
   15% of all accidents require immediate care to insure long-term care isn’t needed.
   30% of motor vehicle accident victims don’t bother to seek a medical examination and treatment.

Over the years, our patients often express regret for not taking immediate action after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. “If only I had gotten this problem taken care of sooner, I wouldn’t be in so much pain today”.  Ever since I’ve heard those words uttered from my patients, I’ve made it my personal mission to help and educate every accident victim.

Many victims ignore the terrible effects and symptoms of an accident or injury, reluctant to deal with medical bills, insurance claims, car damages, paperwork, etc. It's no surprise that most victims often try to avoid as much extraneous stress as possible after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

The greatest, overwhelming benefit of seeking immediate care is we can detect both minor and/or major injuries and treat them before they become chronic injuries in the end. Help us treat your injuries immediately, not six or seven months down the road when you experience agony and pain from your neglected hidden injuries from an auto accident. Seek immediate care now by calling Aim High Chiropractic at (303) 922- 2799 and see one of our friendly, professional chiropractors today!

Deadly Mistake #2:  Taking Aspirin To “Hide” Your Pain and Injury

After you’ve been involved in an accident, if your body is shooting off messages of pain, your body is warning you of possible serious injury. Similar to a messenger arriving at your doorstep with news of an impending storm, you'd be wise to heed the messenger's news. To turn away and ignore the messenger boys’ message is considered one of the top “9 deadly sins” of health.  You risk your long-term health when you ignore these vital signs about your body.

Yet, millions of American’s every day ignore their bodys' cry of warning as they often mask the pain  by taking painkiller medications. If you've been experiencing pain on a regular or infrequent basis, and you’ve been taking pain medication to quiet down the pain signal from your body, you may be putting your joy, freedom, and health at risk by sending the messenger boy away. The solution is simple: Don't hide your injuries with medication, instead take action on the pain signals your body sends you and eliminate the pain for good!

Deadly Mistake #3:  Failing to Treat the Root Source of Pain After an Accident!

Most non-specialist doctors believe the way to treat a serious accident injury is to pump you full of drugs, treating the symptoms of the problem. That’s like taking a shot of whisky to cure a headache. This doesn’t solve the actual problem. Rather, it only masks the problem temporarily. This is what medical drugs do. After the drugs wear off, you’re still left with the problem. Many doctors who are not professional trained in the science of pain-relief management falsely believe that such recurring pain can be treated (or “cured”) by prescribing medicine. The flawed logic in this method and thinking has left many patients enduring and worsening their injuries over time as left untreated.

The human body is amazing. It’s the perfect machine. Your heart beats over 100,000 times in your lifetime, yet most of us are not even aware of it consciously! Your internal systems run flawlessly without you even noticing.  The point is your body was not meant to ingest foreign substances to “cure” its accident-related injuries.  Taking a pill to stop a pain signal, only masks the signal. It does NOT solve your problem at its root cause. In my clinic, I dedicate 100% of my focus on reducing your pain by focusing on the root cause of your injuries. My method and approach has helped hundreds of people regain their health and get well again, who thought they never could.

Call (303) 922 - 2799 today and we'll treat the root cause of your pain so you can enjoy life pain-free!

Deadly Mistake #4: Consulting with a Doctor Who DOES NOT Specialize in Fast, Effective Pain-Relief for Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries!

It’s very difficult to find a doctor who is specially trained in the science of pain relief management. However, it's not completely impossible to find the right doctor who can effectively treat you. When seeking a highly-trained specialist in auto accident injuries and pain-relief, you need a skillful doctor who:

1.) Understands accident-related injuries and recognizes the “hidden” signs to predict if serious injury exists.
2.) Understands effective methods to treat accident-related injuries, that are preferably pain-free and surgery-free.
3.) Continually educates and learns about the latest discoveries in pain relief & accident-related
4.) Most importantly, understands how to treat your injuries at its root cause.

I am a leading local expert in relieving and treating pain from motor vehicle accidents.  I have an outstanding track record treating even the “hardest” cases. I have extensive experience in all four areas mentioned above and in your search for a health professional, I require that all four qualitifications be met. Choose our highly-trained doctors at Aim High Chiropractic, otherwise you may not receive the best care in relieving and treating your pain effectively!

Deadly Mistake #5:  Failing to Take Immediate Action When Your Body Sends “Pain Signals” After an Accident!

The top reason why most people suffer from long-term chronic pain is their failure to take immediate action after their bodies send them “pain signals” after being involved in an accident or other type of injury. The longer a victim waits to treat their pain, the worse the injuries grow over time. And often, when victims wait too long to get evaluated and treated, their bodies have already sustained the injury and often too late to reverse the damages. For example, if you’ve been experiencing back pains every so often, and one day, you decide to bend over to lift up a box, your back may give out on an unsuspecting day.

Most often motor vehicle accident victim don’t feel injured, as their symptoms don’t reveal themselves until later down the road. This is why it’s so important to get an evaluation and exam from a specialized doctor after any type of accident, just in case, to detect any hidden injuries you may have endured. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, as most patients often regret not taking immediate action until it’s too late. Avoid the unnecessary pain and regret by calling Aim High Chiropractic at (303) 922 – 2799 and scheduling your next appointment today! Take advantage of our FREE complimentary consultation and exam and see one of our highly-skilled, specialized doctors today!

Deadly Mistake #6:  Setting a Visit to a Chiropractor as a Low Priority After an Accident

In relation to the third deadliest mistake, if a patient often has a habit of ignoring pain signals in their body by choosing to “rough it out” or “biting the bullet,” s/he most likely places his/her personal health as a low priority. Perhaps even after an accident, no matter how major or minor it was, this person may not care enough about his/her one and only body to take care of it.

This can prove to be very dangerous, and perhaps deadly in the most extreme cases, as injuries can worsen over time if not treated immediately. Chronic pain and illness may materialize from an initial injury and worsen into something more life-threatening if left untreated. Personal health is necessary to live your life with the freedom and joy you desire. You cannot properly function and undergo daily activities in your life without risking joy, freedom, and sense of personal worth if you are debilitated from your injuries and pain. Your goal is NOT to be the richest person in the graveyard. Your goal is not to be the best Mom or Dad in the graveyard. Health MUST come first.  All else is secondary. If you don’t have your health, you can’t be an effective parent for your children, you don’t have the energy to help your community, and you can’t be successful in your professional life.

I’ve seen unhealthy people become successful millionaires after they take up jogging or any type of daily exercise, simply because it gives them the vibrant health and energy that was previously lacking in their life. They now have the energy and passion to pursue their dreams and live life the way they want to.

Make your health a priority in your life, and you’ll experience life the way you’ve always dreamed of: full of energy, passion, and purpose. Call (303) 922 – 2799 and set up your first FREE consultation and exam with us now! We’ll see you today and relieve your pain so you can enjoy your life, pain-free and worry-free!

Deadly Mistake #7:  Not knowing the best ways to save money on health care treatment, even get it totally paid for free!

It’s no secret that health care can be expensive, especially over a lifetime. Even though most health care treatments can be costly, the mass majority of patients are widely misinformed about specialized treatment being strictly expensive. Fortunately, Aim High Chiropractic guarantees affordable specialized treatments for all patients.

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident or suffered from a job-related injury, your treatment at Aim High Chiropractic may be FREE! Yes, that’s right – FREE! As a free service we provide, call (303) 922 - 2799 to schedule an appointment with our Affordable Health Care Consultant and see if your case qualifies for FREE treatments. She’ll sit down with you and discuss the programs and packages that are available. We’ll also help you cut costs and save on your health care services, whether it be with other health care professionals like medical doctor or dentists. We’ll guide you through the complex, and sometimes confusing, world of health care in a quick 20-minute meeting and make it all simple for you to understand. We’ll explain the options you have that few other health care providers would tell you about and help you save. Take advantage of this FREE valuable service and make your health care treatments as affordable as possible! Call Aim High Chiropractic at (303) 922 – 2799 to set up your appointment now!

Deadly Mistake #8:  Confusing what’s most "urgent" with what’s most "important"!

Now that you know you must schedule an initial consultation at Aim High Chiropractic, the worst and most unforgivable kind of mistake is not acting on your new knowledge and treating of your problem! I’ve talked about how urgent and important it is to get an examination following any accident immediately. I’ve talked about the importance of listening to your body’s pain signals. I’ve talked about treating the cause of the pain, and I’ve discussed how our services can be made affordable to nearly anyone needing treatment, and possibly even FREE in certain qualifying cases! I even offer a FREE initial exam consultation for first-time patients.  So, there’s no reason that everyone reading this, who’s ever had health problems, shouldn’t immediately call and come in to see our friendly, skillful doctors.

I know from experience that only a certain percentage of my readers will come in to get help. Why? How could it be that someone who could be in pain right now, even as they’re reading this, would procrastinate and not come in even though the solution to their problems is right in front of them? The answer, my friend, is simple: most people confuse what’s urgent... with what’s most important. The majority of Americans focus solely on what’s urgent and what needs to get done now! When their focus is solely on time-urgent tasks, they tend to forget or neglect what’s important. We often confuse urgency to be the most important priority in our lives. The only time our health will be a focus and priority is when it becomes urgent -- when it becomes a life-and-death situation. Your health is important. Don’t wait until it becomes a life-threatening situation before you take action, because by then, it may be too late. Make your personal health a priority, and you will thank yourself years later down the road when you’ve treated the root cause of your pains and eliminate unnecessary pain and agony in the future.

Some may deliberately choose to neglect their health, due to fear and reluctance of dealing with medical bills and insurance. Some claim they “don’t have time” or resist help when it’s easily offered. I’m here to assure you that there’s nothing to be afraid of, as the doctors and professional team at Aim High Chiropractic make it an easy process to come in and complete the exam and consultation. To make it easier on you, we provide free Health Care advice to guide you through the complex process

Pick up the phone right now and call my office at (303) 922 – 2799 to schedule your first FREE exam and consultation! We’d love to meet you in person and take care of you like family. We value our patients because you are the greatest asset to our private practice. We are dedicated to keep you healthy throughout your life. Make your personal health a priority, and take care of what’s important; take care of yourself!

Deadly Mistake #9:  Knowing What To Do, But Still Resist Getting Help!

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting to get a different result.” If you’ve always put your health as a last priority in the past but wish to become healthy again after an auto accident or any type of injury, you must change your habits and take a different approach to achieve your goal. Lee Iacocca said that the trait he most admired in all leaders was the ability to make a decision. The most successful people in our society are those that take action. Take action today and make your health a priority by calling Aim High Chiropractic at (303) 299 – 2799 to schedule your next appointment! Nothing is more important than your health.  Nothing is more important to your family than seeing you happy, vibrant, alive, and free from the shackles of a life in pain.  You have been given a new alternative to living life the “old way” in this report. Now is the time to break old habits and live life in a healthier, renewed way! I hope I’ve been persuasive in convincing you to take action now to get this problem solved and hopefully shed light on how accidents and injuries can lead to bigger problems if left untreated. Please call (303) 922-2977 and we’ll help treat and relieve your pain!

Many people have heard about our expertise and consult us on a wide range of problems.  If you’ve experienced any discomfort or health problems in the last 12 months, you need to schedule an exam to uncover hidden injuries. Left untreated, these injuries may worsen over time and transform into chronic pain and agony. Avoid the unnecessary pain and stress of it by seeing an Aim High Chiropractic doctor today! I have been very successful treating all sorts of auto accident injuries, bad falls, and other types of injuries and health problems. I focus on finding the cause of the problem and offering you the most affordable, most natural, non-surgical solution possible!

Call (303) 922 – 2799 to schedule your “Affordable Health Care” appointment today and find out if you qualify for FREE treatments after a motor vehicle accident! We’ll help you save money by simplifying the complexity of health care and show you the best programs available to make health care affordable to you and your family! Take advantage of this FREE service and consultation! Call now before appointments fill up!

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Dr Conrad Bui